Monday, April 18, 2011

Little girl loves!

I love barbie....and this shirt.  I am going to
need a picture of a little model to show just how
cute this shirt really is.  The picture does not do it justice!

I think she might be a little mini barbie!

It is a wonderful thick cotton and I monogrammed
her initials in yellow...but they can be done in any color.

4th of July here we come!
I love red, white and blue...and I also love to be able to wear
it all summer.  That is why I love this dress so much!!!
It is also a wonderful heavy cotton.

Cute Little pink and brown onesie.

Cutest model ever...and might I model pose!
This girl can take a great pic!

On a side note...and plug for her mom.
She (The Mom Angie, not Landry) makes the most fabulously delicious birthday and wedding cakes EVER.
I mean worth falling off the wagon good!
Check out her blog.
You will not be sad you did!

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  1. Oh my, thank you for the plug. She's a great model in your fabulous clothes!